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If You Value Your Career, Then Value Your Headshots

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When I hear people say that they found a photographer who does cheap and good headshots, I immediately think..."if you are choosing pictures only because they are "cheap" and "good", how much do you really value your career?"

Looking to get headshots quickly and not viewing your headshots as a vital opportunity is a big mistake. Low quality shots will be unusable and will work against you -instead of helping you. Do you really want to waste your own time and money on headshots that give you a bad image? Headshots are used as a marketing tool to show how professional your approach is. These photographs determine who wants to work with you and how they view you. If you are choosing headshots based on their price, it shows you do not care about booking quality work and you are not looking to get the best or be the best.

Usually people that want cheap and quick headshots are people who do not completely understand what a headshot is or how it is used. It is not like you just show up with a bunch of outfits, take some pictures and then you are done -that is not how things work. Headshots are your #1 marketing tool and they should be taken very seriously. Everything involved in taking your headshot is your choice. You get to choose what the quality is like. You get to choose the wardrobe. You get to choose the photographer. Talk to your agents and see what marketing strategy is best for you. If you do not have an agent, then ask around to see what you are most likely going to be cast as. Then, put together the best wardrobe which will best compliment the looks you are going for. Make the right choices and make sure you get the best when it comes to getting your most vital marketing strategy and tool.

Next time you think about getting cheap and quick headshots, think about your mentality towards your career. Understand that everything revolves around your headshots. Let the first impression you give be the best and get a quality headshot. Take your time researching and figuring out what look and strategy you want to go with. Do not make the mistake of making the most important thing in your arsenal be something that is cheap, low quality, and something you do not value.