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Top 5 reasons you need to use video for marketing

1. Video has taken over the internet.

Everyone is online and video has completely taken over. People are posting more video on the internet then ever before with sites like instagram, vimeo, facebook, youtube, and twitter. According to vidyard video will take up more than 79 % of internet traffic by 2017.

2. You will rank #1 on google

Everyone wants to be on the first page of google. It will drive constant organic traffic to your website non stop. Content is king and google's algorithm will bump you up in visibility if you put out video. According to moovly you are 53 % more likely to rank on google's first page if you have video embedded into your website. Since google has purchased youtube, the google algorithm has made a drastic jump to rank websites higher if they use video.

3. Video will bring you the most money

There is plenty of different ways to market things you are selling, but video is #1. Of course you could try email marketing, in person marketing, demonstrations, and other methods, however 52% of marketing professionals worldwide have video as the type with the best return on investment. - Syndacast . According to wideo 92% of of shoppers say that visuals are the most influential thing affecting their purchase decision.


4. The top professionals are using it

If something is not broken then why fix it. Video marketing is thriving right now. With all the social media platforms pushing video extremely hard and the increase in mobile devices, video is dominating. All the top professional marketers in the industry have been using video marketing more than anything and it is working for them. Viruets says that 87% of online marketers use video marketing.


5. It spreads like wildfire

Video marketing has a domino effect. If it is a well made video, with the proper marketing structure it can become a viral video . This can skyrocket your company because of overall exposure leading to conversions in sales. 92 % of mobile video users share video content with others. -virtuets