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The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Pro Headshot

1. Professionalism

This might be very obvious , but being professional. No matter what field you are in or what you do on a regular basis you want people to take you seriously. Having a professional headshot will show that you mean business. A professional headshot will create trust and turn will bring you money.- the creative complex

2. Credibility

If you have a professional photo people will look at you as a legitimate source. Trust is key here and as soon as someone sees your pro photo they will know they you are very good at what you do and they will want to work with you. A photo which is not professional will do the opposite and you will have people running in the opposite direction because they will not trust you.- janine rochelle

3. Showing that you care about yourself

In any field you are in you want to be successful. If you want to be the best and you care about succeeding then how can you be cheap about investing in yourself? There are plenty of places you can save money like at the grocery store , but when it comes to investing in yourself don't be cheap. A professional headshot shows you take things seriously and you value yourself and your career.-career contessa

4. They are being used everywhere

Headshots are being used all over the internet with Blogs, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, your Website, and thousands of other websites that are popping up each and everyday. Make a good impression especially since so many people are viewing your profiles on a regular basis. Having a professional photo can help start new relationships and will make people want to work with you.

5. Top Professional Headshot Photographers have more experience

Top Professionals in the industry have the experience in working with the proper amount of light as well as positioning you to achieve the best look for you. They know how to evoke the right expressions from you depending on what you want or need. Professional Headshot photographers have the necessary experience to show you what works and what does not work.

Top 5 reasons you need to use video for marketing

1. Video has taken over the internet.

Everyone is online and video has completely taken over. People are posting more video on the internet then ever before with sites like instagram, vimeo, facebook, youtube, and twitter. According to vidyard video will take up more than 79 % of internet traffic by 2017.

2. You will rank #1 on google

Everyone wants to be on the first page of google. It will drive constant organic traffic to your website non stop. Content is king and google's algorithm will bump you up in visibility if you put out video. According to moovly you are 53 % more likely to rank on google's first page if you have video embedded into your website. Since google has purchased youtube, the google algorithm has made a drastic jump to rank websites higher if they use video.

3. Video will bring you the most money

There is plenty of different ways to market things you are selling, but video is #1. Of course you could try email marketing, in person marketing, demonstrations, and other methods, however 52% of marketing professionals worldwide have video as the type with the best return on investment. - Syndacast . According to wideo 92% of of shoppers say that visuals are the most influential thing affecting their purchase decision.


4. The top professionals are using it

If something is not broken then why fix it. Video marketing is thriving right now. With all the social media platforms pushing video extremely hard and the increase in mobile devices, video is dominating. All the top professional marketers in the industry have been using video marketing more than anything and it is working for them. Viruets says that 87% of online marketers use video marketing.


5. It spreads like wildfire

Video marketing has a domino effect. If it is a well made video, with the proper marketing structure it can become a viral video . This can skyrocket your company because of overall exposure leading to conversions in sales. 92 % of mobile video users share video content with others. -virtuets

Video for Marketing and Social Media

Video for Marketing by Willie Diggs

The number one strategy in content marketing today is video. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube -the main content you need to be creating and marketing on social media for your business is video.

It does not matter what your company does, if you don’t have a marketing strategy for the biggest video platforms, you will fail. Video platforms for marketing have changed over the last two years. Facebook is being watched more than YouTube, Snapchat has exploded, and video on Twitter has taken branding to a new extreme.


What Is The Best Headshot For You?

Los Angeles Headshots taken by Willie Diggs

Don't let someone transform you into something you are not. The best headshot, for you, should represent how you really are and how you want to represent yourself. The biggest mistake people make is not being themselves.

You need to represent yourself in whatever category you fall into. Stick with the market that your looks are going to work for. If you look like the rugged bouncer or security guard, then gear your shots toward that market. Don't try to transform yourself into the intellectual or the nerd type. People may influence you to transform yourself, but the headshot that is going to represent you best is the type of person you already are.

You must also be aware of the post production process, you do not want to misrepresent yourself through excessive retouching. When you walk into a casting office the casting directors want to see real natural emotion from your headshot, they do not want to see a picture that is touched up so much that it does not even look like you. Making very minor touch ups are fine, but doing too much will reflect badly on you. If you ask for too much retouching, your picture will no longer look like you. You have now transformed yourself into a perfect looking version of yourself. This may look great, but in reality you are deceiving people by misrepresenting how you really look.

After determining who you are, how you want to represent yourself, and what the majority of people think you will be cast as -it is up to you to be yourself. During your headshot session, be relaxed and give off real natural emotion. Think of things that really make you feel angry, happy, sad, confused, confident, cocky, animated, and so on. Be yourself, be real, and be natural and you will reveal the best headshot for you.


If You Value Your Career, Then Value Your Headshots

Blog and images by williediggsproductions willie diggs.

When I hear people say that they found a photographer who does cheap and good headshots, I immediately think..."if you are choosing pictures only because they are "cheap" and "good", how much do you really value your career?"

Looking to get headshots quickly and not viewing your headshots as a vital opportunity is a big mistake. Low quality shots will be unusable and will work against you -instead of helping you. Do you really want to waste your own time and money on headshots that give you a bad image? Headshots are used as a marketing tool to show how professional your approach is. These photographs determine who wants to work with you and how they view you. If you are choosing headshots based on their price, it shows you do not care about booking quality work and you are not looking to get the best or be the best.

Usually people that want cheap and quick headshots are people who do not completely understand what a headshot is or how it is used. It is not like you just show up with a bunch of outfits, take some pictures and then you are done -that is not how things work. Headshots are your #1 marketing tool and they should be taken very seriously. Everything involved in taking your headshot is your choice. You get to choose what the quality is like. You get to choose the wardrobe. You get to choose the photographer. Talk to your agents and see what marketing strategy is best for you. If you do not have an agent, then ask around to see what you are most likely going to be cast as. Then, put together the best wardrobe which will best compliment the looks you are going for. Make the right choices and make sure you get the best when it comes to getting your most vital marketing strategy and tool.

Next time you think about getting cheap and quick headshots, think about your mentality towards your career. Understand that everything revolves around your headshots. Let the first impression you give be the best and get a quality headshot. Take your time researching and figuring out what look and strategy you want to go with. Do not make the mistake of making the most important thing in your arsenal be something that is cheap, low quality, and something you do not value.